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About Us


The Renfrew & Area Connection Centre serves as a local community hub with an intent to better assist residents in accessing the various supports and services within Renfrew and the surrounding area. The hub will offer these connections through collaboration with different community agencies and service providers available to residents and strives to make connections in a responsive and time effective manner, in order to meet individual needs. You may access our services by visiting us at our location or contacting us by email or phone.

We look forward to making connections with you!

Our Mission

To serve as a single collective voice for the common vision of developing a community-based and community-led hub in Renfrew.

Our Vision

To create a community-based and community-led hub offering multiple services and programs, including community gathering space, that meet the needs of youth and seniors, families and singles living and/or working in Renfrew and the surrounding area, enabling them to become fully engaged, healthy, socially included, and participating members of the community.

We are stronger together.

Our Mission
Meet the Mobile Crisis Response Team (MCRT)!
The Mobile Crisis Response Team (MCRT) is a collaborative partnership between the Pembroke Regional Hospital’s Mental Health Crisis Team and the Ontario Provincial Police. The teams consist of two individuals – a uniformed OPP officer and a crisis worker, who will jointly respond to calls for service that are in relation to mental health, addictions, or an individual in crisis. This partnership allows for the officer to focus on safety, while the crisis worker can aid in de-escalating the situation by supporting the individual through appropriate crisis intervention and completing required assessments. A significant importance is also placed upon connecting individuals and families to appropriate community resources and completing follow-ups as required.
Katie & Cst. Amanda Carruthers
Jade & Cst. Jeff Cassidy
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